Luxury Filipino Hair Extensions

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Our Virgin Filipino Extensions are collected directly from the Philippines.. no middle man.

We hired local hair sourcing experts to obtain the best quality raw material. 

No Chemical used 

Cuticles in tack and running in the same direction.

No matting/tangling 

No harsh smells 

All natural 

Processing time frame for our Virgin Filipino Extensions is between 2 weeks as all Virgin extensions are made by order (Custom). 

During a sale, up to 3+ weeks. 




Bundle Weight: 3.2oz - 3.5oz


Single wefted tracks approximately 50" in width. Please keep in mind that the longer the hair the shorter the width of the weft.  

Collected directly from the Philippines.


Strands are thick however hair is light weight with thick, healthy full ends.

A lot of movement.

Will match permed/texturized African American hair, Asian and Caucasian hair. 

Colour: Dark black/brown, comparable to a number 2 colour. (Natutal Black)

Tangling: Minimal 

Matting: None

Shedding: Very Minimal

Coarseness level: Medium

Styling tools that can be used on this hair:

  • Flat Iron  
  • Curling Iron
  • Blow Dryer
  • Rollers or Flexi Rods

Details about daily styling:

This hair is very versatile and can be worn straight or wavy (Except our Silky Straight). After straightened with hot tools activate waves by simply washing and conditioning hair. Hair is at its best when clean. It is recommended that hair is washed weekly. This hair is very light weight and does not like many products. Overuse of products and oils can weight down the hair and cause it to look dull, lifeless and will not hold a curl long. Hair also does not react well to over conditioning. Follow product directions and your extensions will be easier to manage. Hair is very easy to flat iron and curl. Best results to holding a curl is Flexi Rods or curled with a heated tool and pin curled. This hair takes to hair colour very well and colour can be lifted.





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