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Custom Hand Made Wigs is an additional Service that Candy Hair Company offers to our customers. ***PLEASE NOTE THAT HAIR IS NOT INCLUDED. THIS IS A CUSTOM WIG MAKING SERVICE ONLY*** 


Included in this services is the following:

  1. Construction of your wig
  2. Cut and Styled      

Customer Can provide their own hair and closure.  However we will only accept the following:

  1. Clean hair extensions
  2. Uncut extensions 
  3. Human hair

***We have the right to refuse wig making services if the above mentioned have not been met**

Wigs are machine sewed.

You have 4 choices

  1. U-Part Wig
  2. Full Wig (No Closure)
  3. Full Wig (With Closure)
  4. Full Wig (With Lace Frontal) 


Full Wig or Full Wig with Closure are made on a standard dome cap.

U-Part Wigs are made on a dome cap.  

This service has a max amount of hair that be used, 1 closure and 3 bundles of hair. $30 extra for every additional bundle of hair.

Bleached knots help make the hair appear as if it is growing from the scalp. When hair is tied to the lace, there is a dark knot (Black Dots) where the hair is secured. Bleaching or "lightening" the knots reduces the visibility of this knot. Excellent service to male your wig look more natural. 

Elastic Band is used a form of security and also and excellent option for lay your closure down to make it look more realistic.

Wig Combs are also used as another form of security for your wig.   

Once you have selected your styling options please send a email to info@candyhaircompany.com. In the subject line please include your name, order number. We will send out our Custom Wig form for you to complete. The Wig Form will have all details pertaining to your custom made wig which can also include 1 picture as an example of the style you are trying to achieve.

Candy Hair Company will try to get the closes match to style and colour.  

All custom orders are final sale. 


Processing time frame for Custom Made Wigs is 1-3 weeks depending on demand.

Full payment is required to start processing.

NO wig making services will be rendered until full payment is received



If you have any further questions or concerns please contact info@candyhaircompany.com 

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