Wigs 101 Series

So, you want a wig!
We all do it. We scroll Instagram and see these beautiful wigs and think to ourselves.......
1) WOW that's beautiful
2) Oh no..... That doesn't look good.
3) I love how this looks but I'm not sure about wearing a wig
4) Why does their wigs look so natural. I don't have the same luck. 
5) I want one.
These are just a few thoughts that come to mind. 
Wigs are a beautiful thing. Trust me their all I wear. However, there are some that don't look to great. 
I'm going to give you a quick breakdown of different types of wigs. Almost like a wig class 101. Let's get started.
So, there are many different options in terms of wigs. In some cases there are some that you would be surprised to find out are wigs. 
By the end of this you'll have a better understanding of wig options. 

3 Common Wig types

1) U-Part Wig. 

A U-Part wig is a excellent option for someone that is use to wearing a sew-in with leave out. Loves a more natural look. Love to see real Scalp when wearing a part. And definitely a great option for people that do not like or need a lace closure. This wig is recommended for someone that has healthy leave out, edges and a bit of length to their hair.
This unit pretty much covers about 80-90% of you hair. The rest of your hair is braided underneath.  It tends to look like a sew-in. Your natural hair can be parted. It's a great option as it's quick and can be either sewn down or attached by combs for easy removal. 
If made property you can wear your hair in a ponytail as well with leave out around the back. 
This wig is made with just bundles of hair. No closure. 
A U shape is cut out to allow your hair to be seen. Your hair covers the wefts and blended to match the extensions. If made correctly you will have a seamless finish. Did I mention it's less the time to install then a sew-in. 

2) Lace Closure Wig

This wig is the most popular wigs. It's amazing for the following reasons
  • It has 100% coverage of your natural hair. 
  • Excellent for someone trying to re-growth their natural hair and wants a protective style
  • Quick and easy to installCan be sewn down or worn as a removable wig
  • Colour all you want with no damage to your natural hair with chemicals
  • No need to blend your natural hair 
  • Anyone can wear one
  • Looks pretty natural depending on the make
This type of wig is life. I personally only wear lace closure wigs for all of the previously listed reasons. 
It's a durable wig that fits right to your head. 
Your hair is braided underneath and tucked away. 
This wig is made with a lace closure and bundles of hair. 

3) Lace Frontal Wig 

This is the Maserati of wigs. This is a very luxurious wig that looks super beautiful if made and installed correctly. 
This wig is made using a lace frontal along with bundles of hair. 
I love the look of this wig however not my choice for an everyday day wig. 
It's super natural looking. It's very versatile interns of the styling options. 
This wig can be glued down, sewn down or worn as a Removal wig. 
This wig needs a lot of customization in order for it to look natural. 
It's not really a first time user wig. More suggested for someone that has a sound understanding of what it takes to make it look natural. It's a little less durable then a closure wig as half of the wig is made with a lace closure. 
Benefits for this type of wig is wonderful
  • It looks very natural if made right
  • More Styling options
  • Can be worn with deep parting 
  • Has a hairline and can be worn all back. 
  • Can be parted in so many ways 
  • Also covers 100% of your hair. 
All 3 wigs are the most popular wigs that you see women wearing today. All great options but totally up to the person wearing it and their comfort level. 
Stay tuned for more from my wigs and extensions series.
In future post I will be discussing the following:
  1. Wig makers 
  2. Hair extensions
  3. Lace products
  4. How to take measurements
*All pictures from this blog is from Candy Hair Company's instagram page at
We are a hair extensions company that specializes in custom wig making.

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