New Year. New Hair

New year New hair. 

A new year has has arrived. We welcome the year with new goals and resolutions which is always a good idea. However how often do we include our personal grooming?

Self care is just as important as our finances, relationship and personal growth. So why not start to think about how we can work on a better you in terms of your hair. 

I always stress to my client how important it is to plan your hair care goals. Planning helps with being consistent which in my opinion is the most important factor in healthy hair. 

We hear about great new products..... Lotions and potions to make our hair super healthy and long. However.....  Not being consistent with your routine will leave you disappointed, frustrated and out of coin. Products are great but a lack of routine will never allow you to achieve the mane you desire. Products is only one aspect of your hair health. Show of hands for everyone that has a product grave yard. Tons of lotions and potions but no real consistent results. The latest and greatest is not how you obtain healthy hair. 

So let's get into it..... below I will discuss what you need to start your "New year New hair goals" 

1) Sitting down and mapping out your plan will give you a clear idea of what the goal is. What you want your hair to look and feel like. The length you want and to determine what this entire process will look and feel like. At Candy Hair Company I offer an in-depth hair Consultation with all of my new clients that are about serious about improving their hair.
We discuss: 
- What's is going on with your hair. (Things you love about your hair and also dislike)
- ‎Previous hair care routine.
- ‎Products 
- ‎Health (medicine intake)
- ‎Self ability 
- ‎Hair care specialist support 
- ‎Cost
- ‎Availability
- ‎Creating and mapping out how to make the change. 

2) Commit to your plan. Once determining some of the factors of your previous and new hair routine let's start to commit. Starting out a new routine takes dedication. Pull out your calendar and start to plan. I recommend that for the first month you wash and treat your hair at lease 2-3 times. Create a routine. On the second month you should see improvements in terms of how your hair looks feels.  Month two you can switch between regular conditioning and treatments.  This will also depend of some other factors such as lifestyle. If you go to the gym regularly I would suggest to keep up with washing and treating 2-3 times per month. Pick your dates to wash your hair and stick with it. My clients book their Appointments in advance (almost 3-6 months in advance). Be consistent!! Also keep in mind every 3-4 months you should re-evaluate your plan to determine what is working and what is not working. 

3) Look at the products you have. Get rid of products over a year old. Time to declutter. Keep products that have been working well for your hair. Finish them as I don't believe in waste. However if something is just not working why hold onto it. If you want to start fresh.... Use products that are texture appropriate. There are so many great products out there. However don't get caught up with the frills. Stick with the basics. You must have:
- Clarifying shampoo
- ‎Moisturizing shampoo
- ‎Treatment or mask
- ‎Leave in conditioner 
- ‎Scalp fertilizer
- ‎Moisturizer
- ‎Heat protector
- ‎Serum 
Sulfate free shampoo is the best option. Products with limited to no chemicals. 

4) tools are also important. Make sure to have the following tools to make your life much easier. 
- Wide tooth comb
Will prevent you snapping and breaking your hair. 
- ‎Bamboo paddle brush 
Also great for preventing breakage. 
- ‎Scalp scrubber 
Lift impurities and dandruff off the scalp
- ‎Steam caps (shower cap)
Important factor when using treatments and mask. Heat allows Treatment/mask to work better. Allows the product to penetrate the hair down to the core. 
- Satin/Silk bonnet or scarf
To protect your hair and keep moisture in. 
- ‎Ion blow dryer 
Less damaging heat to your hair. 
- ‎Tourmaline flat irons
Less damaging to your hair. 

4) consider protective styling. Braids, weave and wigs are great to protect your mane. Sometimes your hair needs a little break from day to day Styling. I tell my clients to switch it up. Alternate between styles. Protective styling is also great for allowing your hair to start to catch, to get healthier or gain some length. It's important to switch it up every so often. Trick your hair. 

5) Styling. It's important that day to day you're not sabotaging your hair health by over styling or even under-styling your hair. Let's start with under styling...... Your hair needs to be brushed out daily to remove knots and prevent it from tangling. Also it stimulates blood circulation by brushing your hair. Leaving your hair in a ponytail for long periods of time without brushing it out is just as bad and can also cause damage. Especially when it's time to come out. However over styling your can create damage as well. Combing way too often or using the wrong tools will cause breakage. Adding the wrong products daily or not adding at all.  Your scalp should be oiled every 3-4 days or as needed. Also moisturizing every couple days will keep your hair healthy. Stay away from daily use of heated tools. However if needed make sure you use a heat protector. 
6) Recognize your ability. It's great to have a home care routine but sometimes life also has a way of sabotaging your hair care and consistency. Life is busy and hectic. So busy that often times we put off things we have to do. If you know that this is something that can preventing you from having the hair you want..... Seek a hair care specialist. Book appointments and put your hair care into the hands of a professional. Make the time... put aside the money...... We spend money on so many things.... Why not spend it on your hair. 

Now let's get started to healthy hair. Good luck. 

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