Let it go! Trim it. 5 Simple Reasons You Should Trim Your Hair.

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Let it GO! Trim it!

It's human nature to want to hold onto things we love and cherish however that rule does not apply to your hair especially when dealing with damage. 

As a hair stylist it's my job to have discussions with my clients about healthy hair and hair care.
One of the most important conversations I have with my clients is cutting their hair. Starting fresh (which doesn't mean all has to go)

I pretty much get the death stare 80% of the time. Or a client will say..... " I'm trying to grow it out.

I have 6 simple reasons why you need to trim your hair regularly.

1. Holding onto damage hair hoping it will all work itself out once it grows actually defeats the purpose which is retaining length.

If your ends are damage and you're dealing with split end, listen up!! Damage travels upwards. Yes that's correct! So realistically that length you were hoping to retain, actually goes out the window.

There are many versions of split ends. Most common is when the hair strand splits into​ 2 and travels up the hair strand until it finally breaks off.

2. It just doesn't look good. It tends to have a very stringy appearance. Looks very thin and choppy. Honestly it just makes your hair look unhealthy all together.

3. For optimal growth the hair itself must be in healthy condition, including removing ends that is causing further damage. Treat your hair. Keep it moist.

4. The ends of your hair have been on your head the longest and could look a little worn. That's why it's important to remove your ends every 6-8 weeks.

5. Makes Styling very difficult. Try curling or styling hair like this. Either the brush comb snaggs or it never looks done! Especially for people that wear their natural hair Curly. Everywhere else will look good except those ends. Your roots and mid strand will look beautiful but the end curls look soggy and stretched out. 
6. Heat adds to the damage. Over some time straightening your hair with heated tools adds to the madness. Heat damage is very visible when hair is in it's natural state, It looks soggy, little to no real texture and has a very distinct difference visibly in comparison to your natural hair. Heat damage should also be removed.     
6 simple reasons!
With a balance of proper care and regular trims your hair will look and feel beautiful. And those horrible ends will be no more. 

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